father carrying folded Gia stroller

How to Open and Fold a Stroller

Opening your stroller is a necessary part of owning and using it on a regular basis, but sometimes it isn’t as intuitive as we might think. Opening a stroller is...
mother looking through peekaboo window at infant

How to Choose the Perfect Stroller

You can already picture it: dressing your little one for the great outdoors, strapping them into their stroller, and heading out the door to explore the world together as a...
mother and father walking with stroller

Types of Strollers

One of the first purchases parents-in-waiting make when they find out they’re expecting? The stroller. After all, your stroller gets you and your baby where you’re going. There for every...
Mother tending to child in stroller

Travel System or Car Seat & Stroller: Which is Right for You?

Travel system or car seat & stroller combo? That is the question. It’s one of the many considerations for new parents when they’re shopping for baby gear or putting together their registry ahead of a little one’s arrival. Your future holds many strolls...
mother smiling at child in stroller

How to Clean a Stroller

On the list of things parents spend time thinking about, stroller maintenance probably doesn’t even break the top 10. From missed naps to potty-training accidents, your stroller is just another...
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parents smiling at each other walking with stroller

Winter Walks with Baby

There might still be six more weeks of this brisk winter weather, but you still know the benefits of fresh air. With snow on the ground, a chill in the...
mother smiling at child in stroller

Stroller Safety Tips

It’s time to hit the pavement with your little one - you researched and found your perfect stroller, and you’re ready to roll. While the proper use of a stroller...
mother walking with babies in two strollers

Stroller Strike: Handling Your Stubborn Toddler

You’re getting ready for your Saturday morning walk, business as usual, prepping your little one and then IT happens. They refuse their stroller! They’ve been completely content with their stroller...
smiling mom holding toddler

How to Safely Dispose of Baby Gear

Has your spring cleaning left you with an ever-growing pile of baby gear your little one has worn out, out-grown, or just doesn’t use anymore? Children have lots of stuff....
father and son walking with stroller on pathway surrounded by lush greenery

The Parts of a Stroller and Features to Look For

You’re familiar with strollers and what they do, but how much thought have you put into what actually makes up a stroller? Not all strollers are created equally, so make...
father kneeling down looking at toddler in stroller, with mother in background

When Can My Baby Sit in a Stroller?

There isn’t a magical age that indicates when it’s safe for your little one to graduate to the stroller seat. The switch from infant seat or carriage mode to the stroller seat depends more on size and developmental stage than anything else.