baby with toy doing tummy time

How to Expend Baby's Tummy Time

Once you recognize the importance of tummy time, the next step is learning how to help your baby practice tummy time. Here are some useful tips on how to make...
mother playing with baby in crib

How Much Sleep Does a Baby Need?

Take a look at the following age-by-age chart to help you understand what you can expect regarding babies' sleep-wake cycle, but remembers that your baby may differ from the average....
toddler sitting up in playpen

Baby is Finally Sitting Up!

Sitting gives your baby a new perspective on the environment. Most babies can sit up on their own at around 9-10 months. Babies’ ability to sit up on their own...
woman playing with toddlers and their Tiny Love instruments

Understanding Overstimulation – How to Moderate your Baby's Environment

Too much stimulation doesn't encourage baby development, quite the opposite. What is overstimulation and how can you avoid it? What can cause overstimulation? Overstimulation is a situation in which a...
toddler in activity center with mother by his side

3 Reasons to Buy a Baby Activity Center

When you first meet your little one, you’re so enamored with their teeny toes and precious face that it’s hard to imagine ever wanting to put them down. However, once...
mother smiling at toddler in activity center

Eye Contact in Babies: Expert Advice

When the eyes of parents and babies meet, something very special happens – an emotional connection is established. Here’s some tips for encouraging eye contact with your baby. "Hey, I...
baby smiling in rear-facing infant car seat

When Is It Time to Switch Your Car Seat?

To See or Not to See (Your Cute Commute Companion). That’s the Question. So, you’ve checked a big item off your list and found the right car seat for your...
father kneeling down looking at toddler in stroller, with mother in background

When Can My Baby Sit in a Stroller?

There isn’t a magical age that indicates when it’s safe for your little one to graduate to the stroller seat. The switch from infant seat or carriage mode to the stroller seat depends more on size and developmental stage than anything else.