Once you recognize the importance of tummy time, the next step is learning how to help your baby practice tummy time. Here are some useful tips on how to make tummy time easier and fun for your baby.

Recommended Tummy Time Positions

Even though many people know tummy time as a position in which you place baby on a firm, safe surface, there are other recommended positions that are considered beneficial and developmental positions for tummy time. For example, when your little one is lying tummy down on your chest, stomach or arm, it is actually tummy time. When babies are a little older, you can also use a pillow to help extend tummy time.  

Tummy Time: Useful Tips
  1. Try to get some tummy time into your baby’s schedule whenever you can, holding her in the recommended positions that exercise her neck and shoulder muscles.
  2. Timing: Experts recommend that you allow baby 30 minutes of tummy time every day. Starts off with short periods of tummy time (2-3 minutes), And as baby grows stronger, allow longer stretches of tummy time.   
  3. Link tummy time with activities baby is familiar with to make it more fun. 
  4. Lay your baby on his tummy on a soft blanket several times during the day.  
  5. As time passes, extend baby’s tummy time by placing eye-catching toys with bright contrasting colors or lights in front of her. 
  6. Place a rolled-up towel under your baby’s chest and help him place his hands on the floor.  
  7. Never leave your baby unattended while practicing tummy time.