It’s time to hit the pavement with your little one - you researched and found your perfect stroller, and you’re ready to roll. While the proper use of a stroller might seem obvious, it’s a little more nuanced than you might think. Keeping your little one safe and sound while you travel to the grocery store or the park is the number one priority, so read below for some things you might not have considered:

Use an age-appropriate stroller:
You want to make sure that you’re putting your precious cargo into the stroller as it is intended for their age. Use of the stroller seat is for children who can sit up unassisted and is not recommended for newborns. Do not use carriage mode for children who can lift up on hands and knees.

Buckle Up:
Be sure to use the harness system while your baby is in the stroller. No matter what distance you’re traveling, you’ll want to prevent them from falling or sliding out of the stroller and getting hurt. Periodically make sure the harness is properly adjusted.

Handles are for Hands Only:
It’s tempting to use the handles to hang purses or shopping bags, but that compromises the frame of the stroller. Additionally, don’t put anything on the canopy of the stroller, as it wasn’t meant to hold anything. If you have items to stow, use the storage basket, keeping your stroller on balance and your little one safe. 

Only Toys Made for Strollers:
Make sure your child is only using toys that are specifically designed for a stroller, like arches, mobiles, or toys that can attach to the frame. This will keep toys from being dropped and keep your little one from reaching to grab it, and possibly falling out. 

Folding and Unfolding:
While it might seem obvious, making sure that the stroller is fully unfolded and locked in position during use is very important. This is to protect your little one - and yourself - from getting any skin pinched. 

Cold Beverages Only:
While strolling with your little one, make sure any cups without lids only contain cold liquids. If you’re on the go with a cup of Joe, make sure it has a secure lid. Bumpy terrain can  lead to spills, which can lead to tears. 

Register Your Stroller:
Last but not least, register your new stroller (and other baby products) to make sure you’re notified of any recalls that occur.
Now that you’ve mastered stroller safety, it’s time to explore. And we’ll be right there with you. If you have any questions along your journey, you know where to find us.