You’re familiar with strollers and what they do, but how much thought have you put into what actually makes up a stroller? Not all strollers are created equally, so make sure you’re looking at the details to find the perfect stroller for you and your family’s lifestyle. You’ll use your stroller almost daily, so it’s important to get familiar with what each part is called and the features to look for in your search. To introduce you to it all, we’ve highlighted some of the essential stroller parts and highlighted a few things to look for when you’re shopping for a new stroller.

Stroller Seat

Look for a modular stroller seat – one that can be positioned parent-facing or world-facing. This will give your LO the security of seeing you or allow them to explore their surroundings while adventuring to new places.


Sometimes less can be more, but not when it comes to a stroller canopy. Larger canopies cover more of your little one when you’re out on a sunny day, so you don’t have to worry as much about sun exposure, and they help keep them cool on a hot day.

Parking Brake

Parents are expert multi-taskers. Ever had to keep your little one secure in their stroller while you tote all your stuff and park the stroller at the same time? Opt for a one-foot or simple-to-engage brake so you don’t have to lift a pinky to go from stop to start.

Storage Basket

The bigger, the better! Traveling with a child comes with a lot of required gear, so look for a stroller with an extra-large storage basket that’s easy to access. It’s not recommended to hang bags from the storage handle, so having a good place to store your purse or diaper bag is essential.

Stroller Seat Release

When you’re using your stroller with a compatible infant car seat, you’ll want a simple way to attach and detach the seat from the stroller – that also isn’t going to be triggered by curious little fingers. Look for stroller release buttons that are out of reach or deceptively difficult for your little one.

You might not think of the handlebar as a feature to pay attention to, but parents deserve comfort when it comes to the stroller just as much as your little one does. Unless you and your partner are the same height, make your lives easier with an adjustable handle height so you can both use the stroller smoothly.

Different types of strollers prioritize different features, so narrow down what you want before jumping to conclusions about the stroller of your dreams. Think about your lifestyle, your daily terrains, your family make-up, and more, to find the perfect stroller. Then, get out there and make memories!