Tiny Rockers Guitar

Item #: TO141HDHE


Tiny Love’s unique developmental system focuses on 6 essential skills — emotions, creativity, motor skills, senses, cognition, and communication. Created with love and care by our child developmental experts, the system supports a baby’s journey of exploration from one developmental milestone to the next, encouraging parents to explore alongside their little ones. 


The Tiny Rockers Guitar boasts engaging features that are fun to play with while focusing on the development of your child’s creativity, motor skills, senses, and cognition. Every part of it is designed to not only stimulate their attention but to nurture it. Freedom of play inspires your child to express their creativity. Melody mode plays 8 different rock n’ roll melodies to either listen to on their own or use as background music for your child to play alongside. Each of the 4 strings are designed to mimic real guitar strings, making their own note and changing between classical or electric sounds with the flip of a switch. Use the pitch slider to change the tune of each note. Playing the guitar together, singing, dancing and experiencing fun music is a wonderful way of bonding with your little rockstar. Just gather around for a dance, a sing-along, or a giggle-filled concert and enjoy a precious bonding experience. It's not just playtime; it's family time with a beat!


Designed to nurture. Born to rock.