Pre-Cruiser Ready Set Kit

Item #: HS27903001PK

Catalog Fashion: White

Your baby is on the move and trying to reach new heights as they explore the world around them. The Safety 1st Pre-Cruiser Ready Set will help you to keep them safe during this exciting stage.

Prepare for Cruising Baby: Block entrance or exit to high-traffic rooms, Secure furniture and bookshelves, Lock bottom drawers that baby can use to climb up, Secure easily accessible appliances that baby can reach, Keep baby from falling into or playing with toilet water, Prevent baby from accessing unused outlets

Double-Touch Plug & Outlet Covers are ideal for keeping baby out of outlets the family uses frequently and a Cord Shortener allows you to secure excess cord away from your baby's grasp.

Furniture Wall Straps will help you to secure a piece of heavy furniture or a bookshelf that could topple over if your child decides to try and use it to practice climbing skills.

Multi-purpose Straps can be used to lock bottom drawers of bureaus that baby can use to climb up. They can also help you secure easily accessible appliances such as dishwashers and fridges, keeping baby from pulling them open.

Grip ‘n Twist Door Knob covers snap easily over knobs to help to block entrances or exits to high-traffic rooms that children shouldn't be in without supervision.

In the bathroom, the Easy Grip Toilet Lock will help keep your curious child from falling into or playing with toilet water.

Safeguarding your home with the Pre-Cruiser Ready Set before baby starts exploring will allow you to enjoy every moment of this exciting time even more.


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