Sick-Day Screening Bundle

Item #: PK0160000

Catalog Fashion: White

The Safety 1st Sick-Day Screening Bundle helps care for little ones when they aren’t feeling well. Bundle and save with 3 wellness products in 1.

Shine light on what may be causing their mouth or throat discomfort with our Light Up Tongue Depressor. This ahh-mazing tool works on its own, or attaches to your smartphone, so you can share images with your pediatrician. The attachments are reusable to help reduce waste.

Tugging at the ear is a telltale sign that your child could have an infection. With the Ear Otoscope, get a gentle glimpse into your child’s ear and use our quick guide to find out whether it’s time to see a doctor.

Get an accurate temperature read with our Simple Scan Forehead Thermometer. Position the thermometer one inch from the center of the forehead and press the measure button. In one second, you’ll hear the beep that lets you know the reading is complete. The thermometer also comes in handy for measuring the temperature of baby’s food and bathwater.


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