Humid Control Filter Free Humidifier

Item #: IH5690604

Catalog Fashion: White

Whether it’s cold and flu season or any time of the year, it’s best to maintain a humidity level of 30-50% in your little one’s nursery. The Humid Control Filter Free Humidifier helps you do just that with it’s easy-to-program hygrometer that detects and regulates the humidity. Just set your desired humidity level to maintain your ideal conditions.

The humidifier is equipped with 360-degree adjustable mist control, so you can position it in any direction that works best. It also has a compact design that allows you to place it just about anywhere you need it.

For those times when the water in the humidifier gets too low, there’s a built-in feature that automatically turns it off.

It comes with a multi-colored night light that has a variety of color options to beautifully match your nursery. Plus, you can fill the room with a soothing aroma with the diffuser by using the included 100% natural oil blend scent pad.


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