Baby in walker smiling

Meadow Days™ Collection


The Meadow Days™ Collection brings nature to your nursery and encourages babies to discover a new world around them, with the help of stimulating textures and vibrant colors.

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Meet Our Tiny Pioneers

Red fox cartoon character

Christopher the Fox

I'm adventurous and a good friend to all the Tiny Pioneers. I encourage everybody to imagine, dream and wonder!

Teal rabbit cartoon character

Thomas the Rabbit

I'm very adventurous. I like to run really fast into bushes, leap high over rocks and jump into rivers!

Hedgehog cartoon character carrying purse

Marie the Hedgehog

I love to spend my time asking questions about the world and finding the answers!

Raccoon cartoon character carrying apple

Marco the Raccoon

My friends say that I'm smart, kind and always in the mood for fun! They come to me when they feel like a good laugh.

flying bird cartoon character

Emilia the Bird

I love flying as fast and as high as I can. I like singing songs, soaring up high, swooping down low and even looping-the-loop!

Introducing the Meadow Days™ Collection!