Thursday, April 3, 2003---The Dorel Juvenile Group (Canada) would like to remind caregivers of a Public Notice that was issued on September 9, 2002. Due to a lower than expected response rate from consumers, the Dorel Juvenile Group (Canada) is re-issuing the following information regarding all COSCO combination Child Car seats and High Back Booster Seats produced between January 1, 1998, and August 29, 2002.

A piece of energy absorbing foam was omitted from the following model numbers: 02-C42 (High Back Booster); 02-C48 (High Back Booster); 02-C49 (High Back Booster); 02-04C (Ventura); 02-09C (Visions); 22-26C (Summit); 22-56C (Vantage Point); 02-45C (Safety1st High Back Booster); 02-64C (Vantage Point); 02-88C (Commuter); 02-C88 (High Back Booster).

The model number can be found on a label located on the side of the car seat.

The Dorel Juvenile Group (Canada) emphasizes that the omission of the foam does not constitute a safety risk to the occupant. Transport Canada indicates that the omission of the foam does not affect the safety performance of the seat in the event of a collision. There have been no head injuries as a result of the omission of the foam. Consumers can obtain a free foam insert kit and installation instructions by contacting the Dorel Juvenile Group at:



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