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We understand that baby-proofing your home is crucial for your child's safety and your peace of mind. To ensure proper installation of your home safety items, we invite you to first identify the exact product you own below. Once you've located your product, you'll find a range of helpful installation resources at your fingertips. Let us empower you to baby-proof your home with confidence!

Cabinet Locks & Latches
Secure-to-Explore Adhesive Locks

Item Numbers: HS395, HS396, HS397


  1. Why is my adhesive latch coming unattached from cabinet and drawer surface?
    Before installing the latch ensure that the cabinet or drawer surface is clean. We
    recommend wiping the surface with alcohol. Once latch is installed you must
    wait 24 hours for adhesive to cure to cabinet/drawer surface before using latch.
  2. How do I open cabinet/drawer once latch is attached?
    The cabinet drawer/door will remain in a locked position until the latch is released. Press down firmly on latch with finger to open.
  3. How do I switch lock to be in "un-locked"position?
    Push down and rotate latch arm to face down until the red unlocked symbol showing. The red unlocked symbol now indicates the latch is un-locked.
  4. What age range are adhesive locks appropriate for when it comes to securing cabinets/drawers?
    These locks can be used as early as 6 months up to 24 months or once child is able to defeat the latch.
  5. How do I remove these from drawers/cabinets?
    Carefully use fish line or dental floss in a sawing motion to cut adhesive away from lock. Remaining adhesive residue can be rolled off the door.
  6. Why is there a gap between my cabinet/drawer?
    Ensure the front edge of the catch (image B1 in instructions) is lined up with the edge of cabinet or drawer when installing. Also, if cabinets or drawers sit completely flush when closed, once latch is installed it might create slight gap.
  7. Which type of cabinets/drawers do these latches work best on?
    These work on framed and unframed cabinets and drawers. However, the latch needs to be able to fit in the space between the drawer and frame. See Figure A in instructions for illustration.
Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

Item Numbers: HS291, HS292, HS293, HS294
2 Locks & 1 Key, 4 Locks & 1 Key, 8 Locks & 2 Keys, or 16 Locks & 4 Keys)

Extra Key for Adhesive Magnetic Lock System

Item Numbers: HS291, HS292, HS293, HS294, HS341

Adhesive Cabinet Latches

Item Numbers: HS310, HS315, HS316
4pk & 8pk

Deluxe Magnetic Locking System

Item Numbers: HS129, HS130, HS131, HS132, HS133

Double Door Baby-Proofing Cabinet Lock (2pk)

Item Numbers: 00110, 11002, 48481, 48545, HS169, HS170, HS208, HS221

Cabinet & Drawer Latches

Item Numbers: 48390, 48444, HS204

OutSmart™ Cabinet & Door Locks
OutSmart™ Multi-Use Lock

1pk & 4pk

Item Numbers: HS270, HS358

OutSmart™ Slide Lock


Item Numbers: HS272, HS353

OutSmart™ Multi-Use Lock


Item Numbers: HS270, HS351, HS358

OutSmart™ Flex Lock

1ok & 4pk

Item Numbers: HS271, HS352

Appliance Locks & Safety Straps
Multi-Purpose Appliance Lock

Item Numbers: HS148, HS155, HS200, 48482A, 48486A

Custom Fit All Purpose Strap


Item Number: HS258, HS171, HS033, 48483

TV & Furniture Safety Straps

Item Numbers: HS304

Bathroom Safety
OutSmart™ Easy Install Bathroom Safety Set

Item Number: HS361

OutSmart™ Toilet Lock

Individual or 2pk

Item Numbers: HS288

Easy Grip Toilet Lock


Item Number: HS247, HS283

Knob & Outlet Covers
Stove Knob Covers, Black


Item Number: HS1470500

Clear View Stove Knob Covers


Item Number: 484090504

Outlet Cover/Cord Shortener


Item Number: HS338, HS348, 48308

Clearly Soft Corner Guards

4pk & 16pk

Item Number: HS194

Plug Protectors

24pk & 36pk

Item Numbers: HS154, HS206, HS219, HS228, HS229, HS230, HS280, 01711, 48422

OutSmart™ Outlet Shield

Item Number: HS275

OutSmart™ Lever Lock

Item Number: HS289

OutSmart™ Knob Covers

Item Number: HS273

Safety Kits
Home Safeguarding Set

80 piece

Item Number: HS265

Safety Essentials Kit (46 piece)

Item Numbers: HS267, HS268

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