Connected Nursery products on a table in a dimly lit nursery

Stay Connected even when you're apart.

Say hello to peace of mind.

The Connected Family App lets you create the ideal nursery for your little one--from anywhere. This easy-to-use app controls every Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st device in the Connected Suite so you can stay connected to your child even when you're apart.

works with alexa
works with Google Home

One Amazing App

Connected Nursery app showing list of products

Simple Setup

Connected Nursery app showing child in crib

Monitor & Adjust

Connected Nursery app - Create New Routine options

Build a Routine

Connected Nursery app showing options for Smart Soother

Make it Cozy

The video quality is great! I like that you can pinch to zoom in and out.
Parenting from my phone seems like cheating, but I'll take it!
My two year old's room is kept perfectly comfortable with this smart humidifier!
I love this smart soother! We use this both during our naps and bedtime routine.
Now I can go into my baby's room to check on her without turning on the lights or using my phone flashlight
I love watching my 3-month old sleep...while I'm watching tv.
Stay Connected With a Smart Nursery

Discover our entire smart Connected Suite—all controlled from one family-friendly, easy-to-use app.

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