baby laying on play mat smiling

Tiny Princess Tales™ Collection


Under pink trees and fluttering butterflies, babies are enveloped in a world of beauty and adventure. This enchanting collection introduces your little one to a world that brings their imagination to life as they discover and create their own fairytales.

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Meet Our Tiny Pioneers

Pink fawn cartoon character with flower headband

Florence the Fawn

I'm outgoing, social and like to take care of my friends. There's nothing I like better than gazing up at the stars!

yellow beaver cartoon character with flower headband

Albertina the Beaver

I love creating inventions that all my friends can use to learn about our beautiful natural world. I'm very interested in time and encourage my friends to think about what will happen in the future.

Purple squirrel cartoon character with bow

Jane the Squirrel

My favorite hobbies are reading and writing. When I'm done writing a new story, we all dress up as the characters and stage a play. My princess friends really bring my stories to life.

Badger cartoon character with pink bow and skirt

Nicole the Badger

I am a fun-loving badger who loves seeing the world in new and exciting ways. My favorite hobby is inventing new games that I can play with all my friends.

A Fairytale Day with the Tiny Princesses!