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RodiSport Booster Seat
Midnight Black RodiSport Booster Seat - Midnight Black

It is already time for a belt-positioning booster car seat? Well, your parents always said kids grow up fast. You never really understood what they meant until now. Seriously, how could this big kid possibly be the tiny nugget you tenderly loaded into the car at the hospital? As your toddler evolves, so should your booster seat!

There are several indicators to let you know it’s time to upgrade. You will need to check the upper weight and height specifications for your current seat. Each booster car seat model is slightly different. But you can also tell your little angel has outgrown his current digs if his shoulders are suddenly above the top harness slots and if the tops of his ears have reached the top of the seat. It seems like in the blink of an eye, it’s time for the next step: A belt-positioning booster seat. The initial weight for booster seats is typically over 40 pounds and can be used until kids are old enough for a vehicle seat belt to fit properly, which is when they have reached about 120 pounds.

Installation is quick and easy and rigid LATCH connectors keep the seat securely in place. The multi-height headrest and expanding side wings ensure a proper fit as your child continues to grow. With locking shoulder belt guides, our child-friendly design enables kids to safely feel their independence as they buckle the vehicle belt with their own little hands. Machine washable and dryer safe, the booster seat’s fabric can be easily removed to clean up spills from after-school snacks.

Your big “little one” will love the comfort of our booster car seats and while he or she is living the good life in the back seat, you’ll relax with the assurance that comes with state-of-the-art protection for the one who matters most.