Opening your stroller is a necessary part of owning and using it on a regular basis, but sometimes it isn’t as intuitive as we might think. Opening a stroller is all about knowing which buttons to push and when to push them. If your stroller just arrived and you need a quick tutorial, or you’re prepping the sitter on how to use all your gear, we’ve compiled quick guides on how to open all Maxi-Cosi strollers.

Lila Modular Stroller System
  • Slide the button on the top of the handlebar to the side while squeezing the bottom button at the same time. 

  • Continue to squeeze the bottom button. Pull handlebar toward you while placing your foot on the edge of the basket tray. 

  • Continue sliding handlebar up and back. Once the frame is fully extended to the open position, release the bottom handlebar button to engage the frame lock. Listen for a click.

Tayla Modular Lightweight Stroller
  • Slide the stroller frame release button in either direction and squeeze the handle adjustment button simultaneously.

  • Place your foot on the storage basket frame and push down.

  • Release the buttons and continue to push down until the stroller locks into place.

Mara XT Ultra Compact Stroller
  • Find the stroller frame latch on the side of the stroller frame.

  • Push in on stroller frame and then pull the stroller frame latch away from the stroller.

  • Grab the stroller handles and lift up.

  • Continue to lift up and push the crossbar forward until the stroller locks into place.

Lara Ultra Compact Stroller
  • Unlatch fold lock.

  • Pull handlebar up and back until you hear two clicks.

Zelia² 5-in-1 Modular Stroller & Travel System
  • Release frame lock while pulling up on the handlebar until you hear a click.

  • Pull the seat back until locked.

Gia XP 3-Wheel Stroller
  • Locate the stroller frame latch on the side of the stroller.

  • Push in on the stroller frame to release the latch and pull the stroller frame latch away from the stroller.

  • Pull up on the stroller frame from the handlebars and lift until the frame locks into place.

Now that your stroller is safely stored in the trunk of your car, it’s time to travel with your babies. Where will you go?