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You’re counting the days with excitement and anticipation. As your due date approaches, it’s time to find the right car seat and stroller combo. Your life is about to change dramatically for the better, and your new baby travel system will be an integral part of your growing family’s lifestyle, significantly impacting every new and exciting experience with baby.

No doubt these past months you’ve done your research and are tuned into the latest car seat stroller combo buzz. So, you know it’s not just a car seat. And, it’s not just a stroller. In fact, it’s a complete, superbly-engineered stroller travel system that checks all the boxes for your little one’s first years.

Our travel system strollers are the ultimate in comfort, safety and ease. Featuring a lightweight infant car seat that easily fits into the stroller frame and doubles as an infant carrier, our stroller travel systems allow you to transfer your tiny sleeping beauty from car to stroller to house without disturbing those sweet dreams. Fast asleep or wide awake in the supremely comfortable car seat, baby is both snug and totally portable.

Once baby outgrows the infant seat, the stand-alone stroller is ready to step up and become a luxury chariot designed to accompany your family on every adventure until baby reaches 50 pounds.

(FYI, travel systems are not to be confused with double strollers that can accommodate two little ones side by side, or adaptable doubles with an attachment that seats one in front of the other. If your newest arrival is not your first bundle of joy, and you have a toddler who isn’t quite ready to give up the cushy stroller life, a double stroller might be worth considering. It will be studier than a standard model and more of short-term solution but depending on the ages of your kids, could be just the ticket for right now.)

Every travel system has slightly different specifications and accessories that can include one click LATCH for easy vehicle installation, soft, breathable fabrics, and dual direction settings so baby can face you or the road ahead, and extra-large baskets to bring everything you need and accumulate stuff on the way.

If your vision includes making baby as comfortable as possible, with sophisticated, state-of-the-art equipment that is portable, flexible and adaptable, a stroller travel system is the right choice. Let the adventures begin by finding the perfect stroller and car seat combo for your little one!