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Before bringing your newborn home, do you have a car seat base for their new car seat? You’ve been waiting for the moment you can bring your newborn home with you since the moment you knew your family was growing. This tiny human is yours, utterly and completely! In all the excitement your planning probably hasn’t gone past that initial trip home and maybe a stroller ride or two. However, life is a little bit more complicated than single car rides out and back home – and that’s where car seat bases come in!

You’ve already made your decision on which infant carrier to buy. Now it’s time to think about their other half – the car seat base. Your infant car seat comes with a base ready for you to install in your vehicle. The beauty of the infant car seat is that you can click it in and out of the base to make transportation much more convenient. Car seat base installation is the same on paper to car seat installation – you can either use your vehicle’s seat belts or the LATCH system, depending on what your vehicle and your infant seat require. In practice, it’s much easier because you aren’t wrestling with the whole car seat, just the base! After you’ve installed the car seat base, you’ll be able to leave it installed until your little one has outgrown the seat.

Another bonus of an infant car seat with base is that you can purchase multiple bases to connect with your single infant carrier. Grandma driving your little one around while you’re at work? Car seat base for her. Your partner needs to drive your baby around in their car? Car seat base for them. The babysitter bringing baby to and from activities and appointments? You guessed it, car seat base for them, too!

If you’re looking for flexibility and convenience, getting a second (or third!) car seat base can help make transitions between cars seamless – for you and your little one!