If your baby is due to come soon, you’re sure to be looking for the best baby registry items. But to make this exciting time in life less stressful, we’ve gone beyond just baby registry ideas and created a whole list of must-have baby products you’ll want to have before your little one arrives. Feeling overwhelmed? You’re not alone. There are so many different baby products out there, it can be hard to figure out what you actually need. Car seat and stroller combo or travel system? Infant car seat or convertible car seat? Do I really need a bassinet? From the moment you find out you’ve got a baby on the way it feels like a million decisions to make at once. But we’re here to make registry-building a little less intimidating. Here are our top 11 baby registry essentials:

Stay Clean Humidifier

If you’re a first-time parent, you’ll quickly learn that cleaning is constant. The Stay Clean Humidifier will keep the nursery at the perfect humidity level all year long AND keep your to-do list shorter. Did we mention it stays cleaner longer? The steamy facts: It has no filter, just an LED light that continuously sanitizes the water tank.

Parent on a back porch showing how the bug screen helps her baby stay protected outside

Nap and Go Bassinet

Your new arrival will need plenty of rest, but that doesn’t mean you have to schedule your day around nap time. This portable bassinet allows baby to sleep anytime, anywhere, whether you’re in the backyard getting fresh air or visiting grandma’s house.

Baby on Board Sign

The first few times you put your baby in the car is pretty terrifying. You feel completely at the mercy of every car, bike, pedestrian and pigeon. You just want to scream, “PLEASE BE CAREFUL, I’VE GOT A BABY ON BOARD!” Our now-iconic Baby on Board sign reminds others to drive safely, so you can worry less (as hard as that might be). Trust us, you’ll want one on every car window.

Safety 1st Smooth Ride Travel System Black Cherry

Smooth Ride Travel System

A travel system makes strolling easy. The Smooth Ride eliminates the hassle that other strollers are known for. No worrying about compatibility or whether the car seat will match, because they come together. And it has all the convenient bells and whistles, like parent and child trays to keep smaller items close by.

Safety 1st car seat in black and grey

Grow and Go Car Seat

If you think you’ll prefer to take baby out of the car seat when out and about, get the car seat that’s built to grow. From the first ride home to taking your big kid to soccer practice, the Grow and Go All-in-One Convertible Car Seat will always give your child a comfortable ride and give you a fuss-free buckle-up.

Safety 1st Easy Install Auto-Close Gate White

Easy Install Gate

They might not be very mobile when you bring them home from the hospital, but your little one will grow faster than you blink, and you’ll want to be prepared as soon as they start commando-crawling. A safety gate will help you create baby-friendly areas in your home.

Magnetic cabinet lock being demonstrated on a cabinet
Magnetic Latches

Where you see a kitchen, little explorers see a playground. Again, while your new bundle of joy won’t be crawling around for quite a few months, you’ll be well-prepared to lock up any potentially unsafe cabinets and drawers before they’re on the move. These magnetic adhesive latches can be installed quick and easy – just peel and stick.

Ear Otoscope in packaging - easily check for signs of ear infection

Ear Otoscope

Even as a first-time parent, you’ve probably heard of the telltale ear infection sign – tugging at the ear. With the Ear Otoscope, get a gentle glimpse into your child’s ear and use our quick guide to find out whether it’s time to see a doctor.

First Baby Healthcare Kit

Have all the baby health essentials right from the start. With a nasal aspirator, toothbrush, and more, this handy kit will keep you covered for anything. And, with a stylish, zippered case to tote it all in, it’s totally giftable.

View of all the kit components on a white background

Groom & Go Baby Care Kit

Babies need grooming too! The Groom & Go Baby Care Kit is the perfect set of those must-haves all in one. The soft grip brush gently removes tangles. The compact scissors come in handy when their lovely locks become a bit unruly. And the fold-up nail clippers easily trim nails, so you don’t accidentally scratch precious skin.

Oh Sh*t Kit

"Oh, sh*t.” Two words you’ll get accustomed to uttering as the parent of a newborn. Diaper blowouts are basically a rite of passage and forgetting your diaper bag at home is unavoidable. But fret not. The new Oh Sh*t Kit has everything you need when sh*t goes down (literally). Keep one in your car, purse, everywhere, so you’ll never be caught unawares by a poopsplosion.

There you have it! Everything you need for your baby registry. OK, not really. But hopefully we’ve given you a place to start and answered a few of your most burning questions. If not? Reach out! We’re always here to help make parenting a little *less* complicated.

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