You’re a Sucker for Baby (Literally)

A parent’s job is far from glamorous, as anyone with a newborn soon discovers. When it comes to someone else’s bodily fluids, you’re way more up close and personal with what comes out of your tiny human than you ever imagined possible. Spit up on your shirt, a blowout on your pants, sour milk smell in crunchy hair, and snot stains anywhere baby makes contact. We’ll pass on talking sh*t this time. Instead, let’s talk snot. Your mini is bound to get a stuffy nose and sticky boogers sooner than later, and we’ve got just what you need to clear baby’s congestion safely and simply.

Presenting BoogEase. A nasal aspirator that surpasses the traditional bulb or other aspirators on the market. This small, parent-powered, hand-held device gently sucks the snot right out of your little mucus-maker’s nose. It’s pediatrician approved, hygienic, filter-free, BPA+ phthalate-free, comfortable in your hand and baby’s delicate nose, plus easy to take apart and clean with the included brush. It comes in a convenient storage case, small enough to tuck it in your diaper bag, backpack, purse, or pocket.

How to Become a Mucus-Master

Whether you knew it or not, you signed up for “gross” the minute you became a parent. And, while “ew” may be what you’re muttering as you pop baby’s snot bubble and look at your BoogEase, let us help you forget the ick-factor so both you and baby can breathe a sigh of relief.

  1. Twist and push the tube and mouthpiece together and onto the body of the BoogEase.
  2. Select the nose piece that best fits baby and secure it to the reservoir cap.
  3. Cradle your newborn in one arm, facing up and outward, or sit your older infant in your lap facing forward.
  4. Place the mouthpiece between your lips.
  5. With your free hand, place the nose piece slightly inside the nostril you want to clear. Note: It creates a seal without going deep inside the nose. And, keep in mind, most babies don’t love having things shoved up their nose, so prep for squirming and maybe some squawking. Patience helps in these moments.
  6. Hold the BoogEase reservoir (think of this as the snot receiver) comfortably in your hand as you gently keep the nose piece just inside baby’s nostril.
  7. Now for the fun part: sucking. Dismiss the image of swallowing snot streaming through the tube. You won’t. The receptacle will trap the boogers. The tube is just like a straw to help create the suction. As you inhale, the snotty stuff will loosen, and you’ll see it begin to fill the first chamber of the reservoir.
  8. Stop sucking when you see mucus fill the second chamber, when you see that the nasty boogie is no longer attached to baby’s nose, or when the congestion has cleared and your little one is breathing more freely. Helpful tip: If your little snot machine has a stubborn boogie that just won’t let go, you can use saline drops in the nostril to loosen it. Just follow directions on the bottle of saline solution.
  9. To clean BoogEase, disassemble and wash in warm, soapy water, using the brush where needed. Rinse thoroughly and allow to dry.
That’s it! Congratulations. You’ve mastered the art of snot sucking. Who knew you’d be adding this skill to your list of accomplishments? And get ready for next time because one thing’s for sure. Your little side-kick will continue to build up boogers in that tiny button nose, and you want to clear them out before one small sneeze sends a giant snot rocket flying farther than a garden hose.