Image Credit: @kyleeknudsen

Close your eyes and you can picture it: the perfect nursery for your soon-to-arrive little one. But how do you translate that beautiful mental image into a fully actualized room before baby arrives? You have to start somewhere. And we recommend beginning with a mood board! Visualizing the designs and aesthetics you’re drawn to before settling on anything will inspire you as you move further along in the process. Plus, it can be a wonderful memory to look back on years down the road when the nursery has grown up with your little one. Whether you’re going digital with a Pinterest board or keeping things old school with a vision board hung up over your desk, we’ve got tips to help you create the perfect nursery mood board.

Take Stock of What You're Working With

Before diving into creating your mood board, it’s important to take into account what you’re already working with. How big is the room you’ve set aside for your baby? Did your parents keep a bassinet in their attic waiting for this very moment? Take pictures of the pieces you already have, or find similar pieces online to add to your digital moodboard, that will help you keep everything cohesive.

Decide on a Color Palette

Choosing the colors you’ll be using is an essential first step. Knowing your palette will help narrow down future decisions. Scour the paint chip aisle at your local hardware store or your favorite paint brand’s color portfolio online and see which colors speak to you. We recommend choosing a wall color and 2-3 accent colors to weave throughout the room that will tie all your decor together.

To Theme or Not to Theme?

A theme can be an adorable way to bring a nursery together, but is it what you’re looking for? We have our favorite nursery themes, but there’s no right or wrong answer when deciding if you want to go all out in one direction. When creating your mood board, pay attention to the types of rooms you’re drawn to and what is feasible to create in your space. A fairytale nursery might be adorable in a picture, but are a castle and moat really in the cards?

Save the Decorations for Last

Finding the perfect finishing touches for your little peanut’s space will be the satisfying conclusion to your nursery decorating journey. When making your mood board, search for inspirational pieces to keep in mind when you’re out shopping. Obviously, there is going to be more decor than you can fit in one mood board. Add a piece or two that are indicative of the style you’re going for to bring the moodboard to a close. And don’t forget nursery-safe plants!