You can already picture it: dressing your little one for the great outdoors, strapping them into their stroller, and heading out the door to explore the world together as a family. The stroller is one of the most important purchases you’ll make when you’re creating your baby registry. It’ll take you and your tiny miracle wherever you need to go. And there’s a lot to think about when it comes to finding your stroll-mate. But we’re here for you on your parenting journey, from the moment you find out you’re expecting. Keep reading to learn about the most popular stroller types, restrictions to know, and the features parents like you care about.

Types of Strollers
The first thing to consider is: What type of stroller are you in the market for? From umbrella strollers to travel systems, there’s a stroller for every lifestyle. Are you a city-slicking family, or are you strolling through the suburbs? Are you sticking close to home, or are you flying around the globe? Here are the four most popular stroller types to get you started:
  • Modular Stroller - allows you to switch the direction of the child seat, so your little one can be parent-facing or world-facing depending on their mood (and your own preference)
  • Travel System - includes an infant car seat, car seat base, and compatible stroller so you can seamlessly transition from the car to the stroller and back again
  • Compact Stroller - gives you most of the features of a standard stroller but folds up small, and is often lightweight and easy to travel with
Age & Size Restrictions

Before you settle on the stroller of your dreams, consider when you’re planning on using your stroller. If you want to be able to explore the neighborhood while they’re still an infant, you’ll need to invest in a stroller that will keep your little one safe when they are still developing. In this case, you’ll have two primary options: a modular stroller with a carriage mode that allows baby to lay completely flat or a travel system with an infant car seat in use. You must wait until your little one can sit up on their own before they can safely sit in the stroller seat upright.

Creature Comforts

Your little one is going to be spending a lot of time in their stroller - from trips to the grocery store to neighborhood strolls, it’s important they’re as cozy as can be. Look for strollers with the features you’d want for yourself: an extra-large canopy to block out the sun’s rays, soft fabrics, plush padding to the shoulder straps and buckles. If your stroller is as comfortable as anything, you won’t be fighting all that stroller strike when they’re older. 

All the Extra Storage

Going anywhere with a baby involves lots and lots (and LOTS) of necessary supplies. Diapers, formula, spit-up rags, pacifiers, toys, and more. Look for a stroller that has an extra-large storage basket so there’s room for essentials  you might need to have at a moment’s notice – in the event of a cranky baby, a diaper blowout, or a missed feeding.

Parent-Friendly Features

Your top priority is always the safety of your precious cargo, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore your own comforts. A happy parent leads to a happier baby! So keep the features you’d love for you on your shortlist too: easy-access cupholders to hold all those iced coffees, an adjustable handlebar so everyone can stroll comfortably, and one-step brakes so you can stop and smell the flowers. 

Fashion Forward

Now for the fun part. Deciding what color or pattern you want. Do you want to follow the trends, like a stroller in the Pantone Color of the Year? Does your toddler have a favorite color they’d love to ride around in? Or is your precious angel more of a mess gremlin, which means it’s probably safer to stick with the classic black? The styles and hues available to you are endless, so you’re sure to find the perfect stroller to accessorize with every day.

Still debating which stroller is right for you? Read up on the stroller features to look for so you’re making the most informed decision.