Every parent will tell you that being a parent is a full-time job, only with no pay, no breaks, no time-off and no promotions. We wouldn’t trade it for the world of course, but parenting can be a tough job. But every moment is precious, from high chair tantrums over broccoli to those tender before-bedtime snuggles. And while your kids might look back one day and thank you for doing your best by them, it can be hard to make it through those hectic years without any validation or affirmations.

So, when it’s your partner’s turn to do lunchtime or you’re chatting with your mom friends, or you notice a parent with a toddler hanging onto their leg at the grocery store – tell them what you’d want to hear. That they’re doing a great job, no matter how much they might not feel like it in that moment.

Compliments to Give Fellow Parents

Here are some of our favorite compliments to give to fellow parents:

  • You’re doing a great job.

  • You handled that really well.

  • We’ve all been there.

  • You’re doing the best you can.

  • Your children love you.

  • You deserve this (be it a coffee, a five-minute nap, or a chocolate bar in the closet).

Take this as a sign to send some love to the parents in your life – thank your own parents, show appreciation for your partner, text your mom and dad friends, treat yourself tonight – we all deserve it. After you kiss the kids goodnight, of course.